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Free PACA tool for hearing professionals

PACA* is a tool developed by EARtrak and practicing audiologists to help patients and clinicians to identify communication difficulties, to plan appropriate management and to evaluate treatment effectiveness.

PACA (Personal Assessment of Communication Abilities) complements the EARtrak process as both use the same listening situations.

The PACA was featured in Issue 63 of audiologynow in an article by Susan Clutterbuck. Use the upper button on the right hand side of this page to download this article.

Read more in the Spring 2015 issue of Audiology Practices by clicking on the second Download button to the right. 

EARtrak is pleased to make PACA available, free of charge, to all hearing care professionals. Simply complete the form below and download your copy of this valuable tool.

*PACA was previously known as TRACA. References to TRACA in these articles should also be read as PACA.


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