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How EARtrak works

EARtrak is a simple, clearly documented, repeatable hearing aid satisfaction survey process that delivers unfiltered client feedback to hearing care clinics which fit hearing devices.

EARtrak is available as a fully on-line process, from practice registration through to survey completion by your patients, and delivery of your EARtrak reports.

Practices may also use the traditional paper-based survey process, or may use a combination of both methods to enable a representative cross-section of your patients to be surveyed.

Using the EARtrak process, clinics can undertake customer satisfaction surveys for hearing aid clients and then use the results to ensure their services are being delivered to the standard they require.

There are three key participants in the EARtrak process:

  • Clinics which fit hearing aids

  • Clients/patients who are fitted with hearing aids

  • EARtrak, an independent data consultant that collates client satisfaction and outcomes survey results to provide Practice Reports to clinics.

  • EARtrak provides practices with survey tools and instructions.

  • Clinics send the surveys to their clients/patients.

  • Clients return their completed surveys to EARtrak.

  • EARtrak undertakes data analysis and generates reports for clinics

Clinics use their confidential EARtrak practice reports to support and manage their quality management processes to deliver better outcomes for their clients.

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