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Why clinics use EARtrak

'Audiologists must adapt a data-driven, continuous improvement culture if they strive to deliver a high quality of care to patients and maintain a competitive advantage.' - Brian Taylor, Quality in Audiology (2013)

EARtrak allows clinics to measure quality in hearing device outcomes that you deliver to your patients. EARtrak captures practical, reliable and valid information from the best possible source - your patients.

It's also a great marketing tool! Share your results with referral sources, funding providers, on your website, in your newsletter, even in your waiting room.

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By choosing to measure outcomes with the EARtrak hearing aid satisfaction survey, you are making a clear and public statement of your commitment to caring about your clients.

EARtrak Practice Reports benchmark your clinic results for

  • Patient satisfaction with hearing improvement in a variety of listening situations

  • Patient satisfaction with hearing device features

  • Patient satisfaction with your service delivery against the EARtrak group as a whole.

You can see, at a glance, how satisfied your clients are and easily show potential clients why they should choose to get their hearing devices from you.

Within a practice, EARtrak can provide additional analysis of individual hearing care professionals. This information is useful in identifying training needs for individual staff, or rewarding superior clinical outcomes.

For multi-site businesses, EARtrak allows central managers to monitor consistency of service delivery across their network.

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