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EARtrak for funding providers

Third party funding providers are often the largest source of funding of hearing services in many countries. They may be government or semi-government bodies, health insurance providers or workers’ compensation insurers.

EARtrak allows funding providers to apply a consistent measurement tool across contracted providers (clinics), to provide visibility and management of outcomes performance.

Clinics within funded programs can be measured against benchmarks of all clinics in the program, as well as all clinics in the EARtrak group. Individual clinic results can be used to manage quality improvements and to provide clients with additional information to help them select a contracted clinic.

Funding providers can use EARtrak to improve efficiency and reduce wastage by focusing on KPIs, regulations and contract management.

The bottom line? By measuring and managing the quality of outcomes delivered by their contracted clinics, funding providers can ensure that better services are delivered for more people. At the same time, the wastage and on-costs of ineffective service delivery can be significantly reduced.

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