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Our mission: Giving clients (hearing aid users) a voice in advancing standards of hearing care.

About EARtrak

EARtrak is an independent data consultant company based in Victoria, Australia.

We provide a hearing aid satisfaction survey that allows clients to provide unfiltered feedback to hearing care providers.

EARtrak is based on three key premises:

  • That hearing aid users deserve the best possible outcomes with their hearing aids

  • That hearing service providers want to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients

  • That hearing aid users are in the best position to report their levels of satisfaction in real world listening situations that matter to them

Why do we use surveys to measure outcomes?

'Questionnaires of hearing aid outcomes capture patients' judgement of hearing aid benefit and satisfaction in real-world listening situations. For this reason, self-reports of outcome are usually considered to be the gold standard when it comes to measuring hearing aid outcomes because they capture success (or lack thereof) in everyday listening places.' - Brian Taylor, author of Quality in Audiology (2013)

The EARtrak logo

The EARtrak logo is a visual representation of our mission to close the quality loop by giving hearing aid users a voice in advancing the standards of hearing care.

The pair of semi-circular figures depict hearing aids that have been positioned to illustrate the continuous loop of quality improvement.

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