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How do you choose a good hearing care provider?

Success with hearing aids should not be a matter of chance.

Myth: Hearing aids don't work.

Fact: Modern hearing aids do provide significant benefit for most people.

There are only a few major manufacturers of hearing aids worldwide, with similar product ranges. The difference between success and disappointment with your hearing aids typically lies with the professional doing your fitting.

The best hearing health professionals use hearing aid satisfaction surveys to gather real-world, self-reported feedback from their patients. They use these results to improve quality in their practices, and that means providing better outcomes for you. A critical difference for clinics using EARtrak is that it enables their patients to independently report their experiences to a neutral third-party – EARtrak. If you like, this amounts to having the treatment effectiveness of the clinic independently audited.

EARtrak awards each practice with up to 5 gold stars to reflect their audited performance. Each gold star is awarded for meeting or exceeding quality benchmarks in 5 different areas –

  • Commitment to independent measurement of service quality

  • Commitment to the process of Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Client satisfaction with hearing improvement.

  • Client satisfaction with hearing device features.

  • Client satisfaction with their hearing care professional and clinic support.

Use the Contact Us button below to request a list of your closest clinics which are demonstrating their commitment to quality by using the EARtrak process. 

Your voice in advancing standards in hearing care

Sharing your experiences via the EARtrak process is vital to establishing industry standards for the professionals who fit your hearing aids.

EARtrak is real-world, self-report hearing aid satisfaction survey.

'Questionnaires of hearing aid outcomes capture patients' judgement of hearing aid benefit and satisfaction in real-world listening situations. For this reason, self-reports of outcome are usually considered to be the gold standard when it comes to measuring hearing aid outcomes because they capture success (or lack thereof) in everyday listening places.' - Brian Taylor, Quality in Audiology (2013)

Yours is the voice that really matters when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your hearing care. You are the person whose life is affected by your loss of hearing. Your ability to hear and understand underpins your communication with others, so getting good results from hearing care is vital in maintaining good relationships. Many studies have shown that untreated or poorly treated hearing loss can have severe emotional and economic impacts. 

Measuring the outcomes of the fitting of your hearing devices helps your provider to improve their services to you and thus improve your quality of life.

You can complete the EARtrak hearing aid satisfaction survey by clicking on the button below. You do NOT have to wait for an invitation from your hearing health profession.

Look for the EARtrak gold stars at your hearing health provider today.

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