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EARtrak report types

The data collected via the EARtrak process can be reported in a number of different ways for different purposes.

However, your individual practice and client data is protected by our Privacy Policy and will never be identifiable in any reports other than your own. 

Standard reports for your practice

Individual clinics or practices receive two types of standard reports from EARtrak:
1. Progress reports - emailed to you every two weeks, Progress Reports perform two roles. They provide you with early feedback from individual clients who have asked that their comments be shared with you, plus they give you the information you need so that you can follow up with non-respondents.
1. Practice reports - generated every six months, your Practice Reports provide you with a detailed look at your clients' self-reported outcomes whilst benchmarking your practice against others in the EARtrak group.
Click to view a sample practice report
Click to view a sample progress report

Additional reports for your practice

You have the option to purchase additional reports from EARtrak at any time. These reports drill down to individual practitioner and individual site levels.

Note: Data must be coded with this information at time of collection. Please contact EARtrak for further details.

Additional reports for groups

Large business groups and organisations that use EARtrak receive the standard progress and individual practice reports for each clinic. This provides them with performance data for each clinic, benchmarked against the entire EARtrak cohort.

Groups may also purchase additional reports based on the data from their group.

Reports for manufacturers

Hearing aid manufacturers may subscribe to EARtrak data which reports on their performance. Alternatively manufacturers can purchase one-off EARtrak reports. 


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