Hear what your clients are really saying with EARtrak

EARtrak is an independent data consultant using a scientifically-based hearing aid satisfaction survey and reporting process that measures the outcomes of hearing aids.

We believe that as hearing service providers you want to deliver the best outcomes for your clients - in other words, you care and you are committed to improving the quality of outcomes.

But you can only manage what you measure.


MEASURE what you CARE about and LEAD the change

EARtrak's hearing aid satisfaction survey is the missing link in your quality chain.

EARtrak gives you accurate, independent measurement so you can highlight your areas of excellence and address your areas for improvement in a meaningful way - meaningful to your clients and your bottom line.

With EARtrak you also measure your clinic's performance against other clinics. Your summary report shows, at a glance, how well your clinic outcomes for listening situations, hearing aid features and professionalism compare to the EARtrak group. Demonstrate to your clients that the service and outcomes you provide exceed those reported by the EARtrak group!

EARtrak is the business tool that helps you listen to your clients. 


Challenge the myths

EARtrak gives you the information to challenge commonly-held myths about hearing aids and improve the outcomes for your clients.

Client myth:           Hearing aids don't work
Fact:   Hearing aids do work for most people
Dispenser myth:   Clients who have problems with their hearing aids will come back to me for assistance or adjustment 
Fact:   Most clients surveyed by EARtrak would recommend their hearing service provider to their family and friends, even if they are not satisfied with the outcomes with their own hearing aids 

In other words, your clients almost universally like you but they won't necessarily tell you that they are having difficulties with their hearing aids.

Give your clients a voice. Ask them with EARtrak.

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