Independent Measurement of Hearing Aid Outcomes

 - Hearing Aid Satisfaction Survey

EARtrak Quality Certification - it's in the stars!

EARtrak's five star quality certification is a powerful visual representation of a practice's commitment to independent validation of patient outcomes and satisfaction, and demonstrates an ability to meet standards of care.

EARtrak awards practices between one and five stars based on carefully considered criteria.

 How practices earn this star
  Independent Validation of Patient/Client Outcomes
Awarded to a practice using EARtrak for independent validation of patient/client outcomes
 Continuing Commitment to Quality Improvement
Awarded for ongoing using of EARtrak with a break of no more than six months 
 Patient/Client Satisfaction with Hearing Improvement
Awarded for achieving a score of more than 50% in this category
 Patient/Client Satisfaction with Hearing Aid Performance
Awarded for achieving a score of more than 60% in this category  
Patient/Client Satisfaction with Service Delivery
Awarded for achieving a score of more than 90% in this category